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The building blocks of Web3 community.

Introducing Tokns

Collectible badges of appreciation, achievement, and belonging.

Tokns are earned through “knowable engagement” with issuers.

Immutably minted to the blockchain, tokns are limited, unique, and like a soul (wink to Vitalik) yours to HODL and display proudly.

Tokns can hold many forms of value.

Here’s just a few ways our Issuers are using them:





Collecting Tokns is easy.

Discover Drops

Keep your eyes open for QR codes IRL and opportunities on socials to collect and enjoy.

Unlock Benefits

Every Tokn has different utility or rewards built for each community. The possibilities are endless.

Start Collecting

Open a free account and add free Tokns to your account. The more you collect the deeper your connection.

Welcome to Web3

Every Tokn includes a FREE NFT dropped into your Tokns NFT Wallet. NFTs can be collected, traded, or even sold.

Discover Tokn Drops

Genesis Tokn

Gold Lion Club

Make-A-Wish Intl.

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"Verified Issuer"

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