TOKN is shorthand for a Non-Fungible Token or NFT. Nothing good ever starts with “non” or requires a dictionary to define. So we created Tokns, so you could bid, buy, collect and trade tokns representing the most monumental moments in sport, entertainment, music and the arts.

There are two different methods of purchasing a Tokn: Shops and Drops.


Shops: Tokns purchased in Tokns Shops are limited, numbered editions sold at a fixed-price purchases. Currently, you can purchase Tokns Shop items using credit card or using Crypto. By checking out via Crypto, you can use your Coinbase account to pay for Tokns using ETH or five other currencies.


Drops are auctions for rare, usually single edition (1 of 1) Tokns. Tokns reserves the right to provide documentation of fund availability. Currently, you can pay for a winning Drop bid using wire or ETH. In an auction, you may make bids in increments determined by eachDrop . Each bid is final and cannot be cancelled. If a bid is made within 5 minutes of the end of the auction, the remaining time on the auction will be automatically reset to 5 minutes.


If you have the final winning bid, you will be contacted via email with directions to complete the transaction. You will have 24 hours from the end of the Auction to complete purchase, at which point the next highest bidder will be deemed the winner.


Forms of payment accepted by Tokns include ETH or wire transfer. To use ETH, simply connect your Coinbase Wallet to Tokns. To pay via wire transfer, follow the steps provided in the email confirmation.

For Tokns that are offered directly for sale in a Tokn Shop, you can purchase the Tokn using your credit card. Navigate to the page for the Tokn you want to purchase, and click on Buy This Tokn. Please note that upon starting the purchase process, you will have 10 minutes to complete your purchase before the inventory is released and another user will have the chance to purchase the Tokn.


On the checkout page, you will have two ways to pay: Crypto and credit card. Pay with Crypto is powered by Coinbase and will require you to log in to your Coinbase account to fulfill the transaction. Please note that this option currently supports transactions through. Pay with Card is powered by Stripe.

When purchasing a Tokn on a Tokn Shop for sale, Tokns currently supports both Crypto and credit card options.


When checking out via Crypto through Coinbase, you can use the ETH or USD Coin in your Coinbase account to purchase the Tokn. If you wish to pay with your wallet of choice, you may do so by selecting a cryptocurrency option below the Pay with Coinbase button which will provide an address for you to send your payment to. Via Coinbase Commerce, Tokns accepts ETH, Bitcoin, DAI, USD Coin, Lightcoin, and Bitcoin cash.

When you purchase a Tokns via sale or auction on Tokns, the NFT will be displayed in your Tokns account. To transfer the NFT into your Ethereum wallet, email support@tokns.com with the public address of your Ethereum wallet to initiate the transfer. This process can take up to a week, depending upon request volume. In the future, you will be able to do this directly on the platform.

Some Tokns may include Tangible Tokns and/or Experiential Tokns in addition to the NFT.


Tangible Tokns are real world items that are included with the Tokn and can be exclusive items or memorabilia. One or more of the items may be a Tangible Tokn which is a unique Tokns’ creation that allows the collector to display their NFT in the physical world.


Experiential Tokns are prizes that grant you access to participate in an exclusive event and take part in the Tokn’s celebration in real life. Upon purchasing a Tokn that includes an Experiential Tokn, Tokns will send further instructions on how to redeem it. Generally, we will ask you to send an email to support@tokns.com. You must contact us during the redemption period to set up the experience. The redemption period will be listed on the Tokns page and in your confirmation email.